TotalNano Joins Fight Against Graffiti

TotalNano, LLC has had enough with the increase in bias-related harassment and intimidation graffiti that is plaguing our nation and is ready to step up and provide real help. TotalNano distributes a wide variety of nanotechnology and industrial coatings that are the future of asset protection. Our TN Graffiti Remover could be useful in combating racism, anti-Immigrant, sexism, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitism, anti-LGBT and other assorted ignorance and hate that is on the increase around the world. “There is no room in any civil society for this kind of bigoted, closed minded, hate filled, scare mongering. TotalNano does business all over the world and we are more alike than we are different. America, is supposed to be a beacon of freedom, tolerance, strength and liberty. We can’t go around pretending to be these things if we don’t stand up to the forces that seek to divide and manipulate us. Our country and our children deserve better,” said Stephen Pope of TotalNano.

For the communities that are hit by these ignorant attacks TotalNano will be donating graffiti remover to help combat the offensive messages. We have always worked collaboratively with our clients and will continue to do so to provide guidance to the organizations that wish to put in place more permanent solutions. Jesse Good, a Principal of Total Nano, echoed Pope’s sentiment, “Giving these solutions to the communities that are suffering is the right thing to do and while we may not be able to prevent the act itself, we can make it faster and easier to remove.”
“We felt compelled to do something. We’ve got these solutions, these amazing products that can be a weapon in combating ignorance and prejudice. We all just felt that this was the right time to lend a hand and to get involved. This isn’t about politics. This is about human decency,” Said Pope. Please visit our website at,, to learn more about the details of this offer and how you can help prevent graffiti in your neighborhood.