Vepotol Applications


Product Description

This product contains a formulation which is optimized for absorbent surface protection.

Vepotol can therefore be used as an invisible, water and contamination-resistant, UV-stable coating on porous substrate surfaces, regardless of whether the surface is a natural stone such as sandstone, concrete, terracotta, clay brick or stone panelling.

Floor or wall coatings, building facades, functional terracotta or roof tiles are all in the scope of application for Vepotol. Since nano-coatings only apply an ultra-thin coating on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathable after the coating – the perfect structural protection. The majority of any accumulated contamination is washed away by the rain.


  • No influence on the appearance of the substrate (Layer thickness: 100-150 nm)
  • Excellent Hydro and Oleophobic properties
  • Solvent-free and odourless
  • Hardening at room temperature. No additional energy or UV light required.
  • Pressure wash-resistant (50 – 60 bar)
  • Excellent efficiency with low quantity consumption
  • No colour infiltration to coated substrates.
  • High temperature-resistance – UV-stable
  • Absolute frost-resistance
  • Other positive Effects, such as e.g. removal of harmful chemical cleaners and reduced manpower.
  • No contamination can infiltrate the pore-structure through water.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Enduring impregnation enables very high freeze-thaw resistance and no cracking because of ice.
  • Very heavy reduction of moss and fungus growth
  • Longer life-spans for substrates because of lowered cleaning cycles and removal of abrasive cleaners or tools.
  • Enduring protection for the surface structure.
  • Weather damage prevention


Concrete, Stone, Wood

Application Process

Brush, Dipped, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

100ml, 1G, 1L, 275G, 55G, 5G

Suitable Materials

Porous surfaces, concrete, wood, lime stone, sandstone, porous granite, marble, roof tiles, clay, erracotta


hydrophobic, oleophobic, non-stick properties, easy to clean

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