Vehicle Cure

Vehicle Cure Applications


Product Description

TotalNano Vehicle Cure is a very thin and clear coating. It uses nanoparticles designed to penetrate into the surface of rubber tire sidewalls, hoses, shock absorber covers, plastic, vinyl dashboards and trim to restore the original luster and color damaged by UV exposure. TotalNano Vehicle Cure also restores headlights that have been oxidized and faded by UV rays to like new condition, and then works as a UV barrier to protect the revitalized appearance. It can be used on interiors and exteriors and is UV stable.


Solvent based for superior adhesion. UV stable.


Automotive, Plastic

Application Process

Brush, Dipped, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

1 gallon, 1 liter, 1000L, 200L, 5 gallon, 500ml

Suitable Materials

Tire sidewalls, engine hoses, rubber and plastic trim, shock absorber covers, headlights.


Reduces oxidation, UV protection, restores luster

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