TA 17.03 Nano thermal/acoustic insulation paint

TA 17.03 Nano thermal/acoustic insulation paint Applications


Product Description

Flexible ceramic acrylic, isolates noise, isolates heat and cold, seals and prevents condensation and mold. Your home, industrial buildings, warehouses, roofs, a-frames, pipe work, furnaces, refrigeration and cooling facilities. A superior temperature range of -50°C to +200°C is now available.

Produces a thin, white and professional looking layer for isolating materials. No more thick insulation battles that accumulate condensation and humidity which causes rusted and failing pipes. Simple application with brush or rollers.


Thermal isolation creates constant energy economy

Creates fine silent atmosphere in the room, enables stable climate control for better sleeping with noise and temp. changes minimized or eliminated.

  • Thin 1mm layer of TA 17.03 is equivalent equal to 5cm traditional batt insulation
  • Can be spray for coating large spaces
  • Prevents condensation and mold
  • White color achieves excellent resistance to outdoor conditions including UV and heat transference
  • Seals, creating a continuous vapor barrier
  • Washable, easy to apply, fast drying, light weight and durable
  • Decrease sun temperature on metal roofs by a minimum of 40%


Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Stone, Wood

Application Process

Brush, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

18L, 5L

Suitable Materials

Heat exchangers and  hot/cold pipes and taps, air conditioned channels in malls and etc.

  • Tankers exterior walls and ceiling to reduce temp. and prevent evaporation and fire
  • Internal and external walls/roofs heat insulation and rain sealing and noise reduction
  • Isolation children rooms exterior walls from noise, heat and humidity
  • Musical/concerts/movie halls
  • Sleeping rooms in ships/trains
  • Motor housing
  • Hot pipes, tapes, stoves, chimney
  • Prevent escape of heat from stoves, pipes, kettles, reactors etc.
  • Prevent escape of cold refrigerator, pipes, etc.
  • Suitable for tile roofs, bitumen, concrete, metal or any other sort.


reduces noise, insulates heat, insulates cold

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