Plastic Applications


Product Description

TotalNano Plastic is a very thin molecular clear quartz coating using nano-sized particles designed to penetrate into the surface of plastic or vinyl. This formulation provides a hydrophobic effect to the plastic substrate, restores color damage caused by UV and gives long-lasting UV protection moving forward.


Reduces rate of oxidation, cracking and discoloring. Provides a more durable easier to clean surface. Protects from food and beverage stains and graffiti. Restores the color from UV damage, and then provides long-lasting protection from future UV damage. (Does not work on smooth high density polyethylene or polypropylene).


Automotive, Plastic

Application Process

Brush, Dipped, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

1 gallon, 1 liter, 1000L, 200L, 5 gallon, 500ml

Suitable Materials

Plastic, stadium seats, vehicle interiors, vinyl awnings.


Reduces oxidation, easy to clean, UV protection, water repellent, grafitti resistant

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