Nitav Applications


Product Description

Nitav is a new technology coating material produced from the Sol-Gel process for highly stressed concrete surfaces. Nitav is an organometallic coating, that is, it has both organic and inorganic components. Compared with traditional coatings that are inherently organic (polyurethane, acrylic, styrene acrylic etc) these new hybrid coatings have some exceptional properties. Some properties include:

  • Exceptional bond strength with substrates (long durability)
  • Very high resistance to UV radiation
  • Very high resistance to chemicals (acids, bases and solvents)
  • Very high resistance to environmental influences (weathering, temperature shock etc)
  • Low dirt pick up
  • Chemical reactions with surfaces that enable easy application on both new and old surfaces
  • Single coat applications possible


Nitav  – Summary of Advantages for all Stakeholders Architects:

  • Long term asset protection
  • Self Cleaning Assets
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)
  • Concrete protection (anti carbonation) and permanent anti graffiti in one coating.
  • High blocking efficiency – removes inconsistencies in concrete.

Construction Companies:

  • One coating that delivery two key properties. Can be applied as one coat or two coat wet on wet.
  • Fast application
  • The likelihood of weather interruptions can also be reduced (can coat damp concrete).
  • These points mean that the coating can be applied in shorter time periods and be done when scheduled with less of a risk of delay.

Asset Owner:

  • Long-term asset protection
  • Low maintenance costs

Application Process

Brush, Dipped, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

24kg, 4kg

Suitable Materials

Tunnels, engineering structures, concrete, metal, cement, old paint


easy to clean, anti-graffiti effect, protects from water damage

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