NanoLub® LiX #2 EP Grease

NanoLub® LiX #2 EP Grease Applications


Product Description

NanoLub® LiX #2 EP Grease is an affordable, super strong, multipurpose solution for a wide range of EP applications. NanoLub® is based on our proprietary IF-WS2 formulated technology of super strong tungsten disulfide multilayered nano-fullerene like particles. Under Extreme Pressure conditions, the solid IF-WS2 particles bond to the surface of the metal, lowering friction and wear while providing outstanding load-bearing capabilities.


Exellent EP performance at very low treat rate.Specially  formulated  to  significantly  improve  performance  of  Greases  used in various Extreme Pressure applications.Superior  Extreme  Pressure  (EP)  Anti-Friction  (AF)  and  Anti-Wear  (AW)  properties.For use in automotive, industrial, mining & heavy equipment, bearings, gears  (open  gears,  closed  gears)  slideways  and  various  other  machine  components.Can be used as part of the additives package for lithium complex greases


Automotive, Metal

Application Process

Grease Gun

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes


Suitable Materials

Windmills, Heavy Machinery, Mining equipment, Drilling equipment, pumps, turbines, gears.


Reduces downtime, extends machine life, Improve power, improves torque, less internal wear, extends maintanence intervals, reduces energy consumption

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