Marine Applications


Product Description

TotalNano Marine is a thin 2 part (mixed 1:1 with catalyst), clear, and extremely smooth pesticide and heavy metal-free coating of quartz that inhibits the growth of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels from metal ship and boat hulls to provide better fuel economy and reduced cleanings. Creates a very low friction surface that both allows marine vehicles to easily pass through water, and severely limits marine growth’s ability to attach to treated surfaces. Works on all ferrous metal hulls, and non-ferrous metal underwater running gear, such as propellers, rudders, shafts, struts and trim tabs. TotalNano Marine is also a very effective coating for concrete ponds, pipes, and helping to prevent liquid seepage through the pores of the concrete. It can reduce the drag in moving liquids through pipe lines, thus reducing energy costs. Another unique trait of Marine and Hull Coat is that it prevents cavitation damage on metal propellers, further increasing fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance and repair costs. (Not for use on wood hull boats).


All underwater non-ferrous metals, painted steel hulls, and concrete.




Concrete, Marine, Metal

Application Process

Brush, Dipped, Roll, Spray

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

1 gallon, 1 liter, 1000L, 200L, 5 gallon, 500ml

Suitable Materials

non-ferrous metals, painted steel hulls, concrete


Corrosion, marine growth, energy efficiency, reduces drag, environmental damage

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