Ecodur 201M

Ecodur 201M Applications


Product Description

The manual version of the Ecodur product. It is a plasticized gypsum formulation that combines the best attributes afforded by a vegetable oil and a commonly occurring rock mineral – retained flexibility, durability and chemical neutrality.

  • It is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (no VOCs)
  • BPA-free, rated for use in contact with potable water (NSF-61/AWWA D102)
  • Can be re-applied to itself for the life of the coating
  • It does not contain solvents, or require them in application or clean-up
  • Highly fire retardant, as they give off water vapor when heated
  • Contents are renewable and recyclable
  • 20 years of in field us is a proven track record
  • Excellent for addressing concerns about the environment, sustainability and worker safety


  • Non-toxic
  • VOC/BPA free and environmentally benign.
  • Excellent cold weather application performance.
  • 100% solid, single coat application, fast curing.
  • Made of natural products, castor oil and gypsum.
  • NSFF/ANSI 61 certification for potable water.
  • Class A fire rating.
  • 98-100% adhesion compared to typically 50% for epoxy.
  • Remains flexible with 20-100% elongation. Encapsulates whatever it’s applied to., Thermal and electrical insulating properties.
  • Good general solvent, acid and base resistance.
  • Autobonds 100% to previous Ecodur coats with no time limit.


Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Stone, Wood

Application Process

Brush, Roll

Coverage Rates

*See Application Guide

Available Sizes

1 gallon, 1 liter, 1000L, 100ml, 200L, 5 gallon, 500ml, 750ml

Suitable Materials

concrete, metal, oil tanks, secondary containment


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying and cure times
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Zero VOC

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