Products Suited for Glass

Industrial Degreaser

A non-corrosive formulation that will clean almost any surface of general build-up, dirt, mold, oil and grease on hard surfaces and engine parts. Ideal for cleaning of heavy machinery cleaning, bus and large vehicle under carriage cleaning, de-coking of coal trucks and other hard surfaces. Where products usually require high pH levels (alkaline detergents) to emulsify oil and grease, TN Industrial Degreaser will do the job in half the time with less effort. This ability to remove mud, dirt, grease and oil without a high pH level is not only safe for the user but also less damaging on assets and equipment.

Enzyme Cleaner

TN Enzyme Cleaner is a commercial grade surface sanitizer and odor remover. Developed to remove strong, pungent odors such as cigarette smoke, wet carpet, vomit and urine odors. It is a natural, environmentally safe alternative to quaternary ammonium and bleach compounds. TN Enzyme Cleaner leaves a light natural vanilla scent that temporarily masks the smell while the technology gets to work killing odor producing bacteria.  It has been scientifically proven to remove bacteria at the source.   Enzyme Cleaner also prevents new bacteria growth which results in odor and bacteria free surfaces for longer!