Products Suited for Anti-Graffiti


Solvent based, thin, invisible, long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly nanocoating that protects a wide variety of surfaces from the damaging effects of graffiti. The coating not only reduces the time and cost of cleaning, but also reduces the need for costly replacements. A great choice for the environment, as it negates the need for toxic and harsh cleaners to remove the graffiti and protects the asset at the same time. TotalNano Graffiti is ideal to protect some road signs, trains, walls, smooth concrete and various other smooth substrates. Uniquely, Anti-Graffiti can also go over painted surfaces, such as murals or other artwork that need to be protected from unwanted alteration. Our TotalNano Graffiti can be used to protect multiple surfaces in local public schools, city structures, and business buildings. By protecting these surfaces, TotalNano Graffiti not only reduces time and cost of cleaning labor, but also eliminates the need for costly replacements of expensive surfaces.


Nitav is a new technology coating material produced from the Sol-Gel process for highly stressed concrete surfaces. Nitav is an organometallic coating, that is, it has both organic and inorganic components. Compared with traditional coatings that are inherently organic (polyurethane, acrylic, styrene acrylic etc) these new hybrid coatings have some exceptional properties. Some properties include:

  • Exceptional bond strength with substrates (long durability)
  • Very high resistance to UV radiation
  • Very high resistance to chemicals (acids, bases and solvents)
  • Very high resistance to environmental influences (weathering, temperature shock etc)
  • Low dirt pick up
  • Chemical reactions with surfaces that enable easy application on both new and old surfaces
  • Single coat applications possible


Nirav is a single-layer 2-part clearcoat product utilizing a base of sol-gel technology with very high resistance and providing an easy-to-clean surface

It can be used on metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, painted surfaces, concrete and cement based substrates and more. Nirav can also be used on painted surfaces such as powder coatings.

Contaminated surfaces can be cleaned easily with water without further chemicals. Nirav provides excellent gloss retention and Anti-Graffiti effect.