Products Suited for Marine

TA 17.03 Nano thermal/acoustic insulation paint

Flexible ceramic acrylic, isolates noise, isolates heat and cold, seals and prevents condensation and mold. Your home, industrial buildings, warehouses, roofs, a-frames, pipe work, furnaces, refrigeration and cooling facilities. A superior temperature range of -50°C to +200°C is now available.

Produces a thin, white and professional looking layer for isolating materials. No more thick insulation battles that accumulate condensation and humidity which causes rusted and failing pipes. Simple application with brush or rollers.

Vehicle Cure

TotalNano Vehicle Cure is a very thin and clear coating. It uses nanoparticles designed to penetrate into the surface of rubber tire sidewalls, hoses, shock absorber covers, plastic, vinyl dashboards and trim to restore the original luster and color damaged by UV exposure. TotalNano Vehicle Cure also restores headlights that have been oxidized and faded by UV rays to like new condition, and then works as a UV barrier to protect the revitalized appearance. It can be used on interiors and exteriors and is UV stable.


TotalNano Marine is a thin 2 part (mixed 1:1 with catalyst), clear, and extremely smooth pesticide and heavy metal-free coating of quartz that inhibits the growth of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels from metal ship and boat hulls to provide better fuel economy and reduced cleanings. Creates a very low friction surface that both allows marine vehicles to easily pass through water, and severely limits marine growth’s ability to attach to treated surfaces. Works on all ferrous metal hulls, and non-ferrous metal underwater running gear, such as propellers, rudders, shafts, struts and trim tabs. TotalNano Marine is also a very effective coating for concrete ponds, pipes, and helping to prevent liquid seepage through the pores of the concrete. It can reduce the drag in moving liquids through pipe lines, thus reducing energy costs. Another unique trait of Marine and Hull Coat is that it prevents cavitation damage on metal propellers, further increasing fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance and repair costs. (Not for use on wood hull boats).