About Us

Our purpose is to bring new technologies to solve problems for our clients in a way that leaves the world better for future generations. Our company was founded by fathers with a deep sense of history and recognize the duty we have to all of our children to do better. Our role is to bring asset protection technologies that use fundamentally different technology which lasts longer, uses less harmful chemicals and improves the functionality and hygiene of products, buildings and assets. We are a group of problem solvers, that are constantly seeking to find the best solutions to the worlds asset protection issues.

Whether that’s coating an extremely hot, corrosive pipe that continually needs to be maintained, saving the company untold man hours, reducing liability and strengthening their facility. We’ve also developed coatings to improve the water resistance of shower tiles in a hotel, which reduces both the amount of time needed to clean and the types of harsh chemicals used. Our technologies are designed to be disruptive, to be game changing. Let us see what we can help you with.