Our Mission

TotalNano brings innovative asset protection, through nano technology, out of the laboratory and into the real world. Our core focus is educating and developing a partnership with our commercial and industrial clients. TotalNano can guide you through the best practices on how nano coatings can improve products, processes and profits.

Product Applications




TotalNano Marine is a thin 2 part (mixed 1:1 with catalyst), clear, and extremely smooth pesticide and heavy metal-free coating of quartz that inhibits the growth of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels from metal ship and boat hulls to provide better fuel economy and reduced cleanings. Creates a very low friction surface that both allows marine vehicles to easily pass through water, and severely limits marine growth’s ability to attach to treated surfaces. Works on all ferrous metal hulls, and non-ferrous metal underwater running gear, such as propellers, rudders, shafts, struts and trim tabs. TotalNano Marine is also a very effective coating for concrete ponds, pipes, and helping to prevent liquid seepage through the pores of the concrete. It can reduce the drag in moving liquids through pipe lines, thus reducing energy costs. Another unique trait of Marine and Hull Coat is that it prevents cavitation damage on metal propellers, further increasing fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance and repair costs. (Not for use on wood hull boats).


Nirav is a single-layer 2-part clearcoat product utilizing a base of sol-gel technology with very high resistance and providing an easy-to-clean surface

It can be used on metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, painted surfaces, concrete and cement based substrates and more. Nirav can also be used on painted surfaces such as powder coatings.

Contaminated surfaces can be cleaned easily with water without further chemicals. Nirav provides excellent gloss retention and Anti-Graffiti effect.


This product contains a formulation which is optimized for absorbent surface protection.

Vepotol can therefore be used as an invisible, water and contamination-resistant, UV-stable coating on porous substrate surfaces, regardless of whether the surface is a natural stone such as sandstone, concrete, terracotta, clay brick or stone panelling.

Floor or wall coatings, building facades, functional terracotta or roof tiles are all in the scope of application for Vepotol. Since nano-coatings only apply an ultra-thin coating on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathable after the coating – the perfect structural protection. The majority of any accumulated contamination is washed away by the rain.

Who We Are

TotalNano is an Industrial and Commercial nanotechnology and industrial coating company that protects the assets and products of our global clients.

We have a global network of distributors and independent sales people that seek out companies that are looking for a competitive edge by leveraging technology.

Our company not only distributes, but manufactures and collaborates with our clients to develop custom solutions to complex problems.